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.trap <action> [<timeout>] <filter> [<reason>]
.trap <action> [<timeout>] <pattern> [<reason>]
.trap remove <index>|<filter>
.trap [-a] [-t] [list]


The first syntax adds a trap causing OOMon to watch client connects and nick changes and perform the desired action when a client matches the filter specified in the format: <field>=<pattern>[,<field>=<pattern>[,...]]

The second syntax also adds a trap, but matches the pattern against clients' "nick!user@host" fields.

Action may be one of the following: echo - notify opers of matching clients kill - forcefully disconnect matching clients kline - k-line *user@*domain matching clients kline_host - k-line *@host matching clients kline_domain - k-line *@*domain matching clients kline_ip - k-line the client's IP kline_usernet - k-line *user@/24 matching clients kline_net - k-line the client's /24 network dline - d-line the client's IP dline_net - d-line the client's /24 network

The third syntax removes a trap from the list by trap number or by filter text.

The last syntax lists all traps and supports two optional arguments. The "-a" argument will display the number of times the trap has made a match. The "-t" argument will display a timestamp of the most recent match for each trap.


> .trap kline_host nick=pK-????? pK drone
*** Toast@OOMon added trap KLINE_HOST: n=pK-????? (pK drone)
> .trap dline_net userhost=*rolex*@* packet monkey
*** Toast@OOMon added trap DLINE_NET: uh=*rolex*@* (packet monkey)
> .trap kline_ip 1440 gecos=/-[0-9]{5}$/ flooding drone
*** Toast@OOMon added trap KLINE_IP 1440: g=/-[0-9]{5}$/ (flooding drone)
> .trap kline_host 1440 version=/sdbot/ drone bot
*** Toast@OOMon added trap KLINE_HOST 1440: version=/sdbot/ (drone bot)
> .trap remove 100
*** Toast@OOMon removed trap: 100

Required Flags:

M - Master
O - Oper

See Also:

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