OOMon: The OO IRC Monitor Bot

Site news [12-Sep-2005]

Welcome to the new site! All the useful information from the old site is available here and should be very easy to find.

Got questions? We've got answers at the OOMon FAQ.

CVSup service is no longer available. Sorry! Instead, please use anonymous CVS to grab the most recent OOMon source code.

Alternatively, you can grab recent updates to the source code via snapshot tarballs. Snapshot tarballs are automatically created every Sunday morning and preserved for eight weeks.

Completely clueless on how to download, configure, and/or build OOMon? You're in luck! The FAQ has all the help you need.

Please submit all OOMon bug reports and new feature requests through the project tracker system. Patches and code snippets are highly appreciated!

New release [05-Jan-2005]

OOMon 2.3.1 has been released!

See the HISTORY file for updates.

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